About Mezie-Ihiagwa USA:

Mezie Ihiagwa USA, Inc. is a non-profit 501 © 3 organization formed to act as an umbrella organization for the sons and daughters of Ihiagwa residing in the continental United States of America. The compelling reasons for the founding of the organization were the need to have a forum where our people will meet regularly to socialize and share the virtues of their common ancestry. As enshrined in Mezie Ihiagwa USA Constitution, the founding members believed that the platform of the Association will afford Ihiagwa indigenes residing in USA the privilege to foster harmony and understanding, promote socioeconomic welfare of the town of Ihiagwa, and improve the quality of lives of their people.

Having attended the annual General Meeting of Nnekede Development Association, USA in 2001, Prince Charlie Muruako initiated the push for formation of our great Association. In doing so, he enlisted the support of and the understanding of Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Opara, Mr. Darlington Njemanze, Mr. Moses Igwe-Onu, and Prof Augustine Anokwuru. He recruited Prince James Muruako, Mr. Uzoma Iheanacho, and Mr. Charles Okey Opara to do some telephone outreach to as many Ihiagwa indigenes as possible.

Ihiagwa Convention,Dallas TX_ 068

The seed for formation of Mezie Ihiagwa was sowed in 2003 during the 3rd World Owerri People’s Congress, held at Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA in Mr. Anthony Anokam’s hotel room. Chief Charles Opara visiting from Nigeria was present at the convention and the few of the Ihiagwa persons in attendance took advantage of his presence to hold the first quasi meeting in Mr. Anokam’s hotel room. Chief Charles Opara presided over the impromptu first meeting of Nde Ihiagwa in USA. At that meeting, it was agreed that there was a need to form an umbrella organization of Ihiagwa indigenes in USA. Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Opara offered to host the first Convention of Nde Ihiagwa.

The inaugural meeting of the organization was held in Houston, Texas and hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Emma Opara and Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anokam In addition to the hosts, others in attendance were Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Muruako, Mr. & Mrs. Moses Igwe-Onu, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Anokam, Dr. & Mrs. Kennedy Okere, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Njemanze, Mr. J. J. Muruako, Mr. Austin Anokwuru, and Mrs. Linda Mbakwem.

After several names were suggested and considered Mezie Ihiagwa was finally chosen because it was closest to the goal and aspirations of the organization.

Since then we have had three able leaders:

  • Mr. Moses Igwe-onu, President, 2004 – 2008
  • Mr. Anthony Anokam, President, 2008 – 2010
  • Chief Charles Okere, President, 2010 – 2014
  • Uzoma Ben Iheanacho, President, 2014 – Present

Mission Statement:

Ihiagwa Convention,New York NY _046The mission of Mezie-ihiagwaUSA is to promote a formidable social network of Ihiagwaindegenes in Diasporas with a view to discussing the socio-economic well-being of our people and development of Ihiagwa town. Mezie-Ihiagwa, through its annual conventions and other legitimate means, raise funds to sponsor development projects in Ihiagwa town in Imo State of Nigeria to the benefit of the less privileged in our community.


  • Uzoma Ben Iheanacho – President
  • King Solarman Okpe – Vice President
  • Mr. Emeka Uzoma  – General Secretary
  • Nnaemeka Daniel Okochi –  PRO
  • Mrs. Mercy Ogwude – Financial Secretary
  • Mr Chilee Agunanna – Provost

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